Sparrow’s wholesale coffee customers receive custom created coffee of unparalleled attention to detail, handcrafted for one customer at a time.

For our wholesale customers, we take on a responsibility of nurturing a coffee philosophy, not one of pretention, but one of educating our customers on practices that preserve excellence in the cup. You deal directly with us at the roastery on all levels including full equipment support with the best coffee equipment available, never dealing with a distributor who carries the gambit and knows little of coffee roasting.

We do not market our coffee to grocery stores or distributors. Sparrow Coffee is not about volume but artesian roasted using the skill sets attained after two decades of perfecting the craft. It is about the craft; it is ALL about the craft, perfecting it, pushing its limits…understanding, rethinking coffee with the same passion and endearment you show your culinary creations. This is why we choose to serve chef-driven restaurants that do not accept the status quo.

Creating a one of a kind coffee for each of our wholesale customers is laborious, costly, takes days of creative thought and many more days of sampling. Every thought process, every desired outcome holds true to the uniqueness of the final product.

Before any coffee is sold, green coffee samples are meticulously evaluated using several roasting methodologies, cupped and finally brewed using a multitude of brewing apparatuses. Coffee should taste great using a manual pour device or a French press; it should also taste great on a finely calibrated commercial drip machine. However, not all roasts are perfectly situated with all brewing methods. Some flavor nuances are missed at certain extractions while in other cases the flavors are apparent after a slight cooling down period. Adjusting a roast specific to the brewing apparatus is a Sparrow Roastery first and it takes custom coffee creation to another level.

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