The Roastery, Staying Green

Sparrow Coffee Roastery was established on Valentine’s Day, 2012 in the West Loop of Chicago by veteran coffee roaster Chris Chacko and seasoned coffee professionals. No working coffee roastery is closer to downtown and is situated nestled between restaurant rows of Randolph Street and Fulton Avenue within walking distance of Aviary, Blackbird, City Winery, Grace, Girl and the Goat, Moto and Next. The selection of our location is no accident. It is our intent to be in the company of exceptional chef-driven establishments showcasing our cutting-edge roasting techniques.

The founding principle of our roastery is “elevate the craft and do no harm.” In this spirit our coffee roasting equipment emits no smoke utilizing the latest advancements in hybrid-green technology with a hand-built American made coffee roaster that is as much a work of art as it is a technological marvel. We use 1/5 of the natural gas of a typical coffee roaster of equal size. We recycle and are working towards carbon neutrality. Even our name is conceptualized as symbolism for co-existing symbiotically with nature.

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